Even though Karchi.app promotes, provides and sells event tickets, all the responsibility for the event, show, concert, expressions and other type of display and/or  its proceeds are NOT for/towards "Karchi.app" or its colaborators: Data Technology Solutions, RapidPay LLC, DigitalWave nor any other colaborator in the future exept for the organizer(s) of said function, personaly and/or as company.  Each Organizer/promotor shall hold Karchi.app and all its colaborators harmless from any and all persecution, debt, harm, liability and responsibilities that may arrise from any and all events, ticket sale or misrepresentation that may or may not develop or come forward from the ticket sale of each and every event/show that karchi.app may or may not sell tickets to.

Becoming a promotor or a client on karchi.app is quite easy, there are just a few steps keeping you from selling or buying your tickets to your favorite band/artist. 

  1. As a promotor the first thing you need to create an account with us.  Send us an e-mail witht the details of your function and we will welcome you aboard.  The sale of your tickets and 70% of its proceeds will remain in your RapidPay wallet till the moment that the event has taken place.  If the event is canceled on your part, then at least 70% of the proceed will be returned to the clients that bought a ticket.

  2. Once you are a promoto with us, you will be able to establish all your events with us and provide the amount of tickets your event carry.  We will not be responsible nor liable for any permits, documents and/or exemptions needed (orally or written) to conduct the event, show or public display.

  3. Once the ticket are sold, the client will provide an e-mail for the sole purpose of receiving his/her confirmation, invoice, ticket(s) and QR code.  The e-mail will NOT ever result as the property of the promoter (personally or company), the show, events or any other third party. Karchi.app will remain the sole protector of said client e-mail(s).

  4. One week prior to the event, Karchi.app will provide the ticket app to the promotor and crew in order to scan each QR-code in order to provide entrance to the paid customer.  if the qr-code is not valid, falsify or not provided by Karchi.app then the entrance is negated.

As a client, purchasing a ticket to an event is easy. 

  1. You will first identify the event you wish to attend from the link you entered the page with or click on events from the karchi.app landing page,
  2. Then click on the event name that you wish to attend.  please read the name/event topic completely to prevent any mixup.
  3. Once you are in the event area, look for the price of ticket and provide the amount of ticket you desire.  
  4. You will be routed to the ticket sale page/check out page to pay for your purchase.
  5. once your purchase is final you will receive your invoice (proof of purchase) and one week prior to the event your QR-code.
  6. To enter the event you simply scan the QR-code at the event wait for confirmation and enter.

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